Aug 25, 2012

Bill Maher Continues to Embarrass Fellow Dems

“Democratic Ball and Chain Bill Maher Should Apologize to Sarah Palin and Dr. Drew Should Stop Drinking The Kool-Aide

Bill Maher continues to embarrass fellow dems....referring to his recent blog in the Huff Post on Akin.

Bill does not speak for me as a dem.  In the first place I am capable of forming my own opinion of Sarah Palin, or other repubs, based on what they say--no profanity has to be thrown in for his own aggrandizement.  Certainly, if he is such a gifted comedian he can find other more innovative and descriptive words to demonstrate his disagreement with the opposite party.

As soon as he uses a sexual slur--then he puts the other person in an awkward position--what shall their equal yet clever response be?  That is the first thing women bashers do- to make a negative sexual comment.  There is no response.  I can't use a word like that back to him, nor would I.  The point is immediately lost and all the focus is on Bill and his supposed cleverness.

I hope is is not a prerequisite to be a member of the democratic party to find Bill Maher amusing.  He is not my cup of tea and his words are way too bold and the point is lost.  I am for women speaking and then I will make my decision to vote for President Obama again and go to the polls.

President Obama has come way to far in his support for women and healthcare , particularly when he spoke against Rush Limbaugh, to have a self-promoter like Bill Maher mess things up.

Bill also does not speak for me about spirituality and religion.  I find his comments offensive in that area, as well.  He does not speak for me as a democrat about religion.

My prediction is that it's just a matter of time before we have to suffer another "controversial" episode by Bill Maher. His big money donation was just a thin veil for self-promotion. His comments are offensive to women. He is a ball and chain for the dems. Then, as if this is news, what he said will have to be discussed again, because he gave the money.

His mom needs to speak to him, or some mom, let it be me--because he is out of line and he does need to apologize to Sarah Palin. He is particularly annoying because he tried to cover his remark with humor and get everyone to laugh with him like it was okay because it was funny. Then he went on Dr. Drew and bragged about being a "potty mouth." Talk about drinking the kool-aid; I'm still disappointed with Dr. Drew because many young people look to him for guidance--he can set the example for how to think with a certain group of people.

I do not agree with Sarah Palin politically. I admire her interest in politics. To me she is a strong women and a good mom--I want to hear what she has to say even though I will not vote for her. I like the political conversation and I think it moves things forward.”

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