Jul 17, 2012

Jeremy Irons--Sexy and Funny

He's the worst type of actor. I saw some footage of him where he grabbed a photographer and came out with this sentence, "Look, we celebrities work VERY VERY HARD." He was being deadly serious. Honestly as if he was part of a master race called "celebrities." I can't remember anything he's been in for years. Has he retired? Love the footage of him on Playaway though!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2174374/Jeremy-Irons-enjoys-late-night-meal-daughter-Bosnian-president-wanted-alleged-war-crimes.html#ixzz20tSRQ7ro

Jeremy Irons really comes across as rather stuck-up in his interviews.. that being said, his voice is one of the sexiest things on the planet, second only to Alan Rickman's.

Edith--you're so funny I put you in my blog. I have always thought Jeremy is particularly brilliant and good looking. and that voice......and he is a good actor, too. I went to London a few years ago just to see him in a show. I guess actors have to have a certain sense of ego to be able to move forward.....I just didn't know it was going to be so humorous.

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