Jun 28, 2012

To CNN--Hire Ann Curry--Put Her in the Big Leagues Where She Belongs

I watch the news all day or I listen to the radio and watch a few shows in the night--I don't know why I am just a news person, always have been.

I previously wrote to you about the compassion often shown from your great reporter, Martin Savidge.  You have so many real good journalists in all shapes and sizes and ages.  Well, that is the shape of our country, isn't it.

Why not hire Ann Curry and show off her talents.  I often write in my blog about the way women are treated.  I think it would be good for your network and good for her.

I quit watching shows like "Today" a long time ago, because there is really no substance to those shows.  There is no Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley Andrea Mitchell, or Chris Mathews, if you know what I mean..........or the one with equally stunning earrings and interview skills, Leslie Stahl.

Does the dinosaur, NBC, really have a grasp on the current thinking and trends of the media today?  I would not even consider watching "Today" now, after the way they treat people.

Anyway, just a thought, but I think it would show forward thinking of your network and you would have a real, real good reporter, or even give her a big position or her own show.  Put Ann Curry in the big leagues where she belongs.



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