Jun 6, 2012

Cooking With Alia--The Most Progressive Food Show on Television.....I Mean YouTube


People do you want to see a new, creative, different authentic, and very interesting cooking show?  Then I am very highly recommending Cooking With Alia.  I subscribe to it on you-tube.  I get up in the morning, drink my coffee and watch this wonderful, cheery, bright and interesting show  right on my e-mail.  I love this technology thing--I love you-tube and I love e-mail.

Her recipes are Moroccan with a French gourmet touch--but they are easy for me to follow.  She taught me how to make lemon souffle.  Alia is from Morocco but her food is also based on traditional french cooking which is a component of Moroccan cuisine.  She is so knowledgeable.....I started following her because I can hear her so easily.  She is easy for me to understand.

I am of the philosophy that food can bring the world together. Now she has a friend that has shown a Saudi Egg dish that I will be making later on today.

I love these young women.  They are fresh and energetic.  The show is so much more interesting than regular television because it is so unstaged yet professional at the same time. 

They set an example of strength, confidence and business sense.  I admire these young women for their innovation and perseverance. 

Please everyone watch this cooking show---it is good for the world.

Often Alia has her grandmother on the show, in her traditional dress, chatting about her recipes, showing them off on her vintage linens and table coverings--That's what I have in my house, my grandma's dishes--the one for her beautiful meat and potato pie in a lovely gravy with a crust on top--and many of her hand crocheted doilies. 

She worked so hard in her daily routine and she was so happy about it.  From day one in kindergarten she told me to plan on going to college.  I can never thank her enough.

Here is her website:   www.cookingwithalia.com
this is the link to a Moroccan Bread Recipie.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmkIvCCHhag&feature=em-subs_digest
this link is to the Saudi egg dish........................http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff8jgnUH3hw&feature=em-subs_digest

You can also go to YouTube and type ....cooking with alia.... in the search and her recipes come right up.

I admire these young women--their strength, their fortitude their ability to use new technology to create their own brand of a new successful business and cooking show....They are bright people with bright ideas--they are setting an example for young women around the world.

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