Jun 23, 2012

Conservative Talk Radio in San Diego--Unleashed and Out of Control!

Conservative Radio San Diego--Unleashed !
Well, here is an example from San Diego.  We have a guy on the conservative, tea-party type radio station always calling for vigilante justice because he is so mad at someone for not being what he calls patriotic.

Yes, it is usually against women--an Asian politician in the San Francisco area refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance and he thought "her ass should be kicked."  But, it is endless...he thought Gloria Allred should be "body-slammed."  He wanted to jump over the lectern and do something real violent to Barbara Boxer, wanted smokers to be "gunned down" in lieu of another government law about smoking...and on and on and on.........  I called the station and they insisted the host only says interesting conversation that inspires comments.
They erase some things from the pod cast like the gunning down comment----yet, when asked,  the webmaster denied they erase anything.  The host called for a politician to "die in a burning building you scum bag."   But that did happen in San Diego...people were killed that way in a domestic violence case.  He makes it seem okay so solve everyday disagreements with violence.  He says it repeatedly,  I tried to write about it in the San Diego Reader blog.  They took it down saying it was libel.  I knew what I was writing was true.  I heard it myself.  Often the host, when questioned, denies what he says and gets real angry and shouts at the guests.  He shouts listen to the podcast.  Well, it is erased. 

It's really quite disgusting but my point is that its all about ratings, just like Rush Limbaugh.  I really do not think he would have stopped until President Obama stepped in and said something.  I was shocked when the Reader sent me and e-mail saying not to try to publish anything about chip franklin.  He also publishes some of his things in the Reader.  The Reader does try to be so expose-ish, occasionally,  but I guess that is only about certain things of their choice.  I think chip franklin is still in the money-making trendy/funny category. 
I really became almost afraid to write my critique of his show at one time because I think he also tried to get rid of my blog with his own camouflage of similar headlines.  I don't know why since I have very few readers and apparently he has very high ratings. 

He often talks about how women do not need an equal rights amendment then continues his bashing--he even bragged on the radio his son knocked down an occupy member (not a woman) who was blocking his way to class. 
I think Barack Obama did a very good thing speaking against Rush LImbaugh and coming out for gay marriage because it sets the tone and gives a good example for respect.   The often unleashed chip said at one point after rush, we really have to be careful about what we say now.
It seems like there is really not censorship about radio until an incident such as Doctor Laura and Don Imus force the sponsors to back out, particularly the big ones like Motel 6.  Also, the bullying people listen to the bullying people--the people who feel entitled.  My very conservative, republican neighbor says about Rush  "Oh, I just think he's so funny."  And, her son is gay.   chip franklin who also does tiny television news bits, is popular in San Diego; I do not think the media wants to address the nature of some of his statements--he is making money for too many people
Anyway, in San Diego, in the Hillcrest area the council recently voted to fly the rainbow flag as well as the American flag.  My friend told me it will be up in time for the Gay Pride Parade.  Well, chip, how is that for patriotism?

Bullying of LGBT youth goes beyond the schoolyard.......

I wrote this as a comment to the blog post above when it appeared in "The Hill."  I was trying to make the point that talk radio is out of control--unleashed and like the wild, wild, west.

At one point in time, around November of 2011 I did hear Mr. Franklin say "There is a woman who writes a blog about me."

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