Jun 20, 2012

chip franklin.....ironic, violent or just plain stupid

chloe louise to cliffalbert-------program director of KOGO 600
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I just couldn't help noticing something very "ironic" while I was listening to KOGO this morning.  Cliff Albert was giving his usual spiel on morality at 7:30.  He felt there could be less violence and, people, citizens, should just do more to stop these horrible events.  He was referring to the house that was burned down this past weekend in El Cajon.  A lady and her granddaughter were dead and a policeman was shot in the head or neck.  He felt warning signs from this person should have been taken more seriously.  The man did have a history of violence and two relatives had restraining orders against him, according to Cliff Albert, the program director.  Cliff must be a very moral individual himself; he always has a lot to say about living correctly and apparently he does not like dogs, motorcycles or the mentally ill. 

Today, Cliff did make a valid point.  I know personally of a story where the police were called three times for a complaint of domestic violence.  It was not until a lady sheriff arrived that the man in question was finally taken downtown.  Then this lady proceeded to inform the victim that they could indeed get a restraining order against this individual and part of it could come to an end.  Sometimes the violent person beats the system, like last weekend.  Like Cliff I do not know the answer but we could look into it and maybe have more education about the whole thing.  Maybe we could stop morning talk show hosts from suggesting and shouting about violence as an act of retaliation.

I could not help but note it was so "ironic" that chip had recently shouted in a very angry voice "Die in a burning building, you scum bag!" in reference to politician David Wu possibly having a relationship with a very young lady.  I think he has since resigned.  The next day I heard chip comment that he must be careful about his remarks because there are kids in the car.  I have often thought to myself --not just kids in the car but anyone listening.  His statements are so offensive and so unnecessary in order to describe an event. 

I wonder if that will be erased from the record like so many other things that chip says and then later denies he said it.  Yes, denies it and then gets real angry that anyone could possibly accuse him of making the statement. 

Well isn't it ironic that chip called for someone to die in a burning building and then someone actually did.  Isn't it ironic that chip called for someone to meet a violent fiery death and then his boss said that kind of act is too violent. 

Is it a coincidence that Cliff called for something not to happen that chip said should happen to David Wu.  Is it just plain stupid that chip made that statement.  Is it just plain stupid that chip said he wanted to crawl over the lectern and do some violent act to Barbara Boxer?  Is it stupid that chip said he wanted to punch Whoppee Goldberg?
Does Cliff Albert not know what chip franklin says?

Is all of this "ironic" a "coincidence" or "just plain stupid"--as chip often asks in his favorite game--and then gets real angry when someone disagrees.

Maybe Cliff okays this violent talk from chip because it brings in high ratings. 
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