Jun 15, 2012



Yes, that's what the caller said to chip franklin this morning around the 7:30 hour.   She laid chip out bad......and of course chip panicked...first--he started shouting, then he tried to be condescending and call her "honey" and say she did not know what she was talking about (of course she did)......then he cut her off in frustration.   No, that was only the first verbal knife chip suffered  today...the second lady also tried to inform chip he did not know what he was talking about...deriding the Paradise Hills school district and the teacher's union.   He tried to say Paradise Hills was a challenged area and the citizens did not like it. 

Oh, that chip, that crazy, crazy host of KOGO 600, that unleashed shock jock of San Diego radio, trying to be so bold with his subject matter, yet when a lady comes on and gives him a piece of their mind he becomes quite undone.  He cut the second lady off, too.  Did he listen to a word of what she said?  I'm afraid not!

If this guy is representing the conservative movement and the Tea Party in San Diego I am feeling pretty good about a second term for President Obama.  I wonder if these things will be erased from the podcast as some of his other outrageous statements have been in the past.

To me, it seems like chip really hates women when he can't force them into agreement.  I think Fran Drescher made her point the best when she tried to explain the need for an equal rights amendment for women.  chip was not having it, the only problem was he could not get a word in edgewise on "the nanny."  chip was beat bad and he couldn't cut her off. 

Oh chip, maybe you should pick a better subject matter, one that isn't so near and dear to your heart at such an early hour of the morning.  One where you don't have to take it so personal when the girls win.


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