May 10, 2012

Shock-Jock, chip franklin Of Hate Radio KOGO 600 In San Diego Successfully Teaches Bashing And Bragging To His Son

Shock-jock, chip franklin of hate radio KOGO 600 in San Diego successfully teaches violence to his son.
     Well,  I thought kids were off limits,  but since you brought it up....since you brought it up and bragged about it on the radio then laughed.  Apparently his son ran into a person in the Occupy Movement who was blocking his way to class... the son could not find a way around the person...allegedly he knocked him down.  Mr. Franklin did say he instructed his son not to go around knocking people down, yet he mentioned it on the radio in a proud, bragging fashion and then continued to laugh it off as if it was a humerus event.   "Oh, and my son is very big!"  Wow chip, my daughter is very small but she has a real big mouth--will he be knocking her down, too?  I will take this opportunity to remind chip after some people must have complained, maybe the time he wanted Gloria Alllred to be body slammed, he insisted no one but a moron would take him seriously.........  Now chip, what if that was me in the Occupy group, or what if that was one of my children?  Better yet, chip, what if that was one of your other children?  chip...I'm asking a mom.  I know you love your children, It's obvious by the way you talk, but I love my children, too.  Please don't teach them to knock people around.   All of our children make errors and might get into a fight.  That young man was beaten to death on the bus in Florida--I'm so sad for those parents--chip, what if that was your son?  Let's stop that horrible kind of action.    Lets not promote a sentiment of violence among young people.  Its too sad in the long run.  I've told you, chip, so many times in my blog, let's not make violence or vigilante justice an acceptable way to solve our differences.   Are those your actual beliefs, then, if you are bragging and laughing about your son's actions on the air?  You are certainly not taking his violence seriously.  I guess your kid figured the Occupy kid was wrong--so rather than let the student talk or contemplate a different view, he knocked him down and proudly reported his remedy to dad.  Remember when you wanted the "ass-kicking" for the Asian lady, the politician in San Francisco who would not say the Pledge of Allegiance? 
    Now, lets see if this incident will be erased from the podcast, too.--
chloelouise--a mom asking for non-violence

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