May 10, 2012

chip franklin and violence on the airwaves

Sometimes a public figure, a congressman, a prominent female attorney will make a comment that he does not like; they say something he really finds offensive.   He will then describe a violent physical act that he would like to do to the person or he feels should be done to the person.  He justifies it always by saying everyone knows he does not really mean those words. 
Unless the person was really unintelligent, no one would take him literally.  I found it extremely offensive for him to talk this way about a lady my age.  Someone who in reality would probably be very defenseless against him physically. 
He paints a very ugly picture with his words.  A picture I hear in the morning when I am waking up.  Are these images then detrimental to some people?  Are the airwaves too violent? 
Its embarrassing to me--to hear a lady, successful, my age, referred to in these terms.  I think if he was really intelligent, innovative or forward thinking he could use other words to  describe his disagreement without mentioning violence. 
Are these the policies or views of the radio station?

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