Apr 13, 2012

In Defense Of Hilary Rosen

In Defense of Hilary Rosen
by Chloelouise

Yesterday Hilary Rosen was talking about Ann Romney not actually working in a job at a facility or workplace receiving wages and every thing got so messed up.......
I'm just devastated by the fact that I am forced to disagree with some of my co-liberal dems.  Believe it or not I actually like Ann Romney and I enjoy listening to her speak.  The difference, for me, is a matter of time. 
My daughter is still talking about the time when she was five years old and won an award, had to go up on stage all by herself--and you guessed it--I wasn't there.  Why--because I could not get the time off  work. 
So then I spent a large part of my career being "per diem" so I could control my schedule in liew of benefits; or buy my own benefits, health insurance for the kids,  which I often could not afford.
Let's see.  I wonder if Ann Romney can afford health insurance or if she has time to attend the award ceremony?
I admire Ann Romney and I can't imagine raising five boys.  I bet she does not have a knick-knack left standing in her house.
I heard Hillary Rosen say that comment on CNN yesterday and I knew it would be trouble.  She has verified her intent of the statement talking about the actual workplace.
I'm sad about the misinterpretation for everyone.  These are both fine, intelligent, well-spoken, hard working women with different political views.
And right now I'm not even going to get into trying to endure the beastliness of the other women at work.......
I have always enjoyed Hilary Rosen, particularly when she used to speak in favor of my girl, Hillary Clinton.  I also want to remind people that Ann Romney has never suffered being taken into the office for "a talk."  In other words, if you do not be quiet and be a cheer leader for the company, instead of verbalizing and noticing their inconsistencies, you may lose your job.  So what is the decision--oh gee--I guess I'll be quiet so I will not be fired so I can pay my rent and feed my kids. 
The media is way off on so many levels on this issue.  Ann Romney can talk politically, at will.  Most women I know cannot speak either because they do not have time or because they are in fear of losing their position and possibly their home because they are the sole provider.  Ann Romney does not have to fear putting the well being of her loved ones in jeopardy because of calling in sick, getting in a fight at work, talking about the company at work, joining the union etc., etc., etc., etc.........
Ann Romney does not ever have to suffer the depression or stress of putting up with the work place.  Thank God I did have children to cheer me up.  Going to work for me has always been very, very hard and very, very stressful.  Frankly, I am happy for Ann that she had a chance to raise her children and time to focus on their upbringing.  I am sorry for her terrible illness.
Everyone is missing the point of the conversation.  Hilary Rosen has even apologized, now. 
I don't work now and I finally have time.  My life is so incredible I can't believe it.
And also please remember what Hillary Clinton said.  "I make that phone call every day at 3 o'clock to make sure my daughter got home from school safely."  That was my whole life and that is the day I became a Hillary Clinton supporter no matter what. 
Here is another good point.  I have worked at places where they tried to force me to stay overtime and feel bad about it because I could not.  I had to pick up my kids at the babysitter or daycare.  You can't be late or the price skyrockets. 
Its hard to have teenagers in the house all the time when you are at work. 
Everything gets so mixed up because there is no time---no time to do homework after work, go to the activities, cook the meal, go to the grocery store...There have been so many days when I have gone to work completely exhausted. 
I don't really think anyone is angry with Ann Romney one bit or lacks appreciation for how well she has raised her children in the face of her struggles with health issues.  I do not think Ann Romney would even disagree with me right now.  But people who go to work every single day and are the sole provider do have a different life.  I used to work with low income families.  One mom worked at two taco shops to make ends meet.  That is all Hilary Rosen is saying.  Some women have different lives.
I challenge anyone to go against me on this one.

Hilary girl and Hillary girl, ChloeLouise

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