Apr 26, 2012

hate talk

You have described the individual on KOGO 600 here in San Diego. I started writing about him because I simply could not believe the things he said against women, not to mention he often calls for vigilante justice. How does he get away with it? I came to the conclusion there is no governing body about the radio unless they lose sponsors like Dr. Laura or President Obama steps in and Rush has to apologize. Many callers said to Sean Hannity their opinion of what Hilary Rosen was trying to say and taking time to explain it to him very carefully. but he wasn't having any of it. He finally said, this is what I get paid to think. I think that statement explains everything.
One day the guy here in San Diego called for smokers at restaurants to be gunned down rather than have a new smoking law by the government. Later it was erased from the podcast. These people are creating a horrible sentiment. They make it seem like violence is an okay way to solve problems. As a dem I will also include Bill Maher in this group--his donation came with a high price. Verbal abuse is not a proper response for a political disagreement.

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