Mar 28, 2012

Bill Maher, Dr Drew and Hate Crime in San Diego

Here in San Diego we have a radio station with an individual that often calls for vigilante justice to solve problems.  I think this is a ploy for ratings on this ultra-conservative, right wing radio station.  Nevertheless, it makes it seem like violence is a reasonable way to solve problems.  I have been particularly offended because the morning shock-jock often calls for violence against women if he disagrees with their political position.  One time he wanted Gloria Allred to be "body slammed" because he disagreed with her opinion.  

When Rush, chip franklin here in San Diego, and Bill Maher keep making these kind of statements it makes women seem less than human.  They say it so often, a sexual slur in the case of Bill Maher, then linking it with humor and giggling as if they are boys behind the wood shed makes it seem as if it is "cool" or trendy to insult women in this marginalizing fashion.

This element is very offensive to me.  The worst part is that Maher thinks he is cool and he isn't.  Even worse than that he thinks he is funny and an expert at political satire and he isn't.  It certainly does not help the issue of hate crimes in San Diego.

I do not think Dr. Drew should have had Bill Maher on his show to promote his theory that apologies should not be made.  "Everyone should forget it and brush it off if they disagree," he said last evening.  I say "No."  This just validates bad behavior towards women. 

Bill Maher should apologize to Sarah Palin.  All of these guys need to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions.   Many people look up to Dr. Drew as an example of the proper "take" on a current situation.

We have a serious problem with hate crimes in San Diego.  This kind of talk does not help the situation one bit.  Now, it is as if Bill Maher bought his podium by his contribution to Barack Obama's superpac and he is totally unleashed as we recently saw in the New York Times, about which he is still proudly boasting.  I think talk radio and Dr. Drew and the NYT should think two times about the social atmosphere they are promoting.

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